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Your STRONG eyewear business PARTNER, Ousen always creates VALUES for customers and delivers MORE than expected.
We are professional glasses manufacturers for your bespoke product lines.

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Mass OEM Manufacturing

Provide super cost-effective glasses for chain brand merchants and supermarkets
Small MOQ Customization
MOQ 300 for customized high-end glasses. Help your brand design and produce unique eyewear styles to enhance your brand value.

Spot Wholesale/Custom LOGO

Existing design 3000+, two hundred thousand large inventory, stable supply. Fast delivery within three days, also supports customizing your LOGO.

Advantage Eyewear Process Line
Injection Molding, Metal And Acetate Glasses

Precise CNC Machine Cutting
Professional Eyewear Manufacturer

Our acetate material eyewears include acetate material optical frames and acetate material sunglasses. We establish long-term and stable cooperation with JIMEI, JINYU, mazzucchelli1849 and other high-quality acetic acid raw material suppliers to provide high-quality materials! ECO-Biodegradable Material (POP②) and ECO-Recycled Material (VIVI②) and High Density Material are also available.
Metal Eyewear
Professinal Eyewear Factory

We can provide metal frames in different materials and colors.
Our company's unique welding process can make the hinge and pad arm stronger.
Provide various metals, alloys, Monel, brass, phosphor bronze, cupronickel, memory alloy, 18K gold, pure titanium, beta titanium and other metals frame eyewear.
Injection Frame
Professional Eyewear Manufacturer

Eyewear/Sunglasses made of PC, TR90, AC, CP, TPEE PEI and use the injection molding process.
Types: optical glasses frame/sunglasses/children's glasses/sports glasses/reading glasses/blue light blocking glasses.

Product Catalog
Ousen Eyewear Collection, Stock Fast Shipping, Support Custom LOGO

Optical Frames

TR90, Metal, Titanium, Acatate, Kid


Popular Design Innovation

Kid Eyewear

Children's Optical and Fashion Sunglasses

Sport Eyewear

Cycling, fishing, skiing and other scenes

Titanium Frame

Double Color IP, Skeleton Rims, Physical Spring Temples

Clip On

Metal Acetate Fashion Clip On

Woodem Eyewear

Wooden Bamboo Optical Frame and Sunglasses

More Design Or Custom

5000+ existing designs, or OEM according to your requirements

We offer over 3000 styles of eyeglasses, and we can meet your requirements for style and material. With our extensive experience, we assure you of the quality of our eyeglasses. Whether you're seeking trendy styles, professional styles, or specific materials, we can provide a wide selection and high-quality service. You can choose us with confidence because we are dedicated to providing you with satisfactory eyeglass products!

Ousen Eyewear


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